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Welcome to Forsand!

 A warm welcome to the Municipality of Forsand!

Forsand in southern Ryfylke includes the Lysefjord, the Pulpit Rock and the Kjerag Plateau. Forsand with around 1200 inhabitants has one of the smallest populations of any municipality in Rogaland. At the same time, with a spacious 840 square km, it is one of the largest municipalities in the county.

Forsand lies at the junction of two fjords – the famous Lysefjord stretches 42 km eastward, while the Høgsfjord stretches south. In the past, when the fjords were the primary means of transport, Forsand was a natural crossroads. People came here from settlements in the county of Agder to the east,  from the settlement of Lysebotn at the head of the Lysefjord, and from farms and hamlets along the Lysefjord and the Høgsfjord, meeting people from neighboring places Frafjord and Dirdal.

The most populous place is Forsand itself, the municipal centre. Elsewhere population is more sparse – but in summer both the Lysefjord and Lysebotn, the village at the head of the fjord, is teeming with tourists. Scores of hikers climb the easily accessible Pulpit Rock to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Lysefjord 600 metres below.

Agriculture is the prime livelihood, but you will also find an active tourist industry, aquaculture facilities, sand pits, and a host of various small enterprises.

The Municipality of Forsand is strategically situated between the agricultural region of Jæren closer to the coastline and the North Sea, and our nearby municipalities that comprise the district Ryfylke to the north. The towns of Stavanger and Sandnes are only a short distance away, by road or sea. The ferry across the Høgsfjord, which departs every 30 minutes during the daytime, takes just 8 minutes, and another 20 minutes by car will bring you to Sandnes,   10 minutes from Stavanger. The express ferry from Stavanger to Lysebotn calls at Forsand on its way into the Lysefjord. In the summer the tourist ferry from Forsand also calls at a number of interesting, humble destinations en route to Lysebotn. Another roundtrip worth taking is the scenic drive across the mountains to Sirdal and Setesdal in Agder county, and back to Forsand.

The Lysefjord is the most characteristic fjord in the county of Rogaland, in fact the first proper fjord you will see coming from the european continent, and very popular with tourists. The famous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) towers above the fjord, while the Kjerag rises even higher, to a full thousand metres, making it one of the world’s most attractive sites for base-jumping. Throughout the mountains and heathlands of Forsand you will find well-marked hiking trails for everyone to use.

Please feel free to contact us.

Bjarte Dagestad                                           Søren Jensen

Mayor                                                             Chief Municipal Officer

Visiting address and mail address (see visitors map below):

Forsand kommune
Fossanvegen 380

N-4110 Forsand

Please feel free to contact our Service Desk at:

Telephone:              +(47) 51 70 00 00

E-mail      :                

Opening hours:      monday - friday:     08:00 - 15:00


The municipality of Forsand is governed by a team consisting of the Chief Municipal Officer, Director of Planning and Development and Director of Organization.

Six departments report directly to them:
  • Childrens Day Care (Kindergarten)
  • Health and Social Services
  • Culture
  • Care, Rehabilitation and Welfare
  • School
  • Technical Services

Each of these departments offer a wide selection of services.

Please contact our Service Center on tel. 51 70 00 00 or post@forsand.kommune.no to learn more.


Phone numbers to know:
Unit Telephone
Health Care Forsand and Strand (On Duty) 51 74 70 00
Health Care Forsand (Opening Hours) 51 70 03 40
Health Care Forsand (Emergency Only) 971 92 318
Local Police (Forsand and Strand) 02800
Roads, Water and Sewage (On Duty) 404 15 872
Child Care (On Duty) 951 92 543
Social Services (NAV Forsand) 55 55 33 33
Service Center Forsand 51 70 00 00
Chief Municipal Officer 51 70 00 00
Mayor 51 70 00 00
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